How to Locate a Reputable Child Support Lawyer

Providing for our children’s material needs is one of our most important responsibilities as parents. This covers having access to sufficient housing, healthcare, education, and other necessities. It might be difficult to decide who would pay for these essentials if a family splits up. Families seeking assistance in creating or modifying a child support agreement can consult with a child support attorney.

The top Beverly Hills child support lawyer can help you whether you’re trying to enforce a court order or are negotiating a new support plan with an ex-spouse. While selecting the best family law expert will depend on your unique situation, you can reduce the number of potential candidates by using the following criteria.

State child support guidelines should be clear to a family lawyer, as should their application to your particular situation. In addition, they must to have dealt with cases involving property division, spousal support, and child custody. Use an internet legal referral service if you are confused about which child support lawyer to select. Through these services, you can get in touch with lawyers who are in good standing with the California Bar Association and have been validated by their peers.

In Beverly Hills, the Law Offices of Robert J. Nachshin handles divorce cases and related issues, such as child and spousal support. Their group is also capable of handling situations including annulments, domestic abuse, and restraining orders. Since 1983, they have been offering legal solutions.

Diane Marmolejo is a family law attorney who has spent more than 21 years helping clients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas with their divorce cases. She can offer legal counsel on child support, including figuring out how much should be paid and changing any existing arrangements. She can also help with paternity lawsuits, domestic abuse conflicts, and restraining orders.

A Beverly Hills child support attorney can assist you if you believe your ex-spouse is not making child support payments. They can ask for a judge to review your case by filing a motion with the court. They can also collaborate with you to use mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution to settle your conflict.

A wide range of family law issues, including as divorce, property distribution, custody, and visitation, are handled by The Law Offices of Adam Moloudi. Your Beverly Hills child support lawyer may assist you in negotiating a just and reasonable plan that meets your needs while accounting for several aspects such as your child’s time spent with each parent, your current income, and other issues. They can also help you submit the necessary documents to the court. A support petition and an order for arrears may be examples of this.

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