Metro Manila is one of the liveliest places in the Philippines. It comes to life more overnight with its luxurious bars and casinos. Gaming tourists do not have to go to the provinces to warn the high-class game. Metro Manila is home to some of the most exciting casinos in the country.

The casino and the holiday hotel

this classy casino is located in Binangonan, Rizal, which is a place where gamblers do not expect a casino to be found. Rizal is such a quiet place for the game, much like a province, but stands a casino with a hundred twenty slot machines and over thirty table games. This unassuming gambling house is within the holiday resort hotel, which is a constant destination for tourists.

Even though the casino itself is relatively small, it still offers one-of-a-kind gambling experience tourists that’s why keep coming back. They also say that the hotel’s rooms are excellent, which amount to forty three rooms.

Filipino del Casino – Paranaque

Filipino del Casino in Paranaque is easily one of the biggest casinos in the Philippines. Gamblers can enjoy any of the seven hundred slot machines and eighty table games that are available at this gambling house. Gambling tourists who want a lot to choose from will certainly not get disappointed with the Filipino del Casino – Paranaque.

The Filipino Paranaque of the Casino is easy to spot. It is along the avenue of Ninoy Aquino, which is a main street in Metro Manila. Since this casino is very famous, gambling tourists can just ask anyone in the Paranaque ways to this casino. The casino is also close to the airport, so it would not be such a hassle for gambling tourists to drop by here.

The Filipino legacy of the Casino

this casino is a little near the Filipino del Casino – Paranaque. This is located at Epifanio Avenue Delos Santos, known more popular as EDSA. EDSA is another main highway in Metro Manila, so it would not be a problem locating the Filipino heritage of the Casino.

Gambling slots here are less compared to those in the Filipino del Casino – Paranaque. But still, four hundred slot machines are compared to the other gambling houses in the Philippines. Some of the slots available are Bally slots, RGB slots and universal slots.

The casino is located within the Heritage Hotel which has four hundred luxurious lounges that can be rented by playing tourists who wish to stay overnight or even days.