Many people who want to go gambling start their day by getting dressed, grabbing a cup of coffee and a muffin, then head on down to the casino. Most of us would assume that this person may be a gambling addict but in actuality, it’s just a regular guy who just woke up from a long nap and realized that it was dark and rushed to get his fill of slots and poker.

Many of us have an idea of what to do before going gambling. Check the car, check the beer, check the wallet for cash, and check in the nearest casino. Gambling can be much more organized than that. One has to focus on the big four. The big four signify what every casino gambler must do first before the others.

Let’s take a closer look at them. Remember, all of them are crucial. Miss one and the others fall.

Bankroll A players bankroll is what makes the gamblers day. A nice, hefty bankroll means good times ahead. This is the beginning, the very first thing that players must concentrate on. With a bankroll, every single bet of the day is based on the amount brought to the gaming floor. Everyone has different bankrolls due to their status in life but as long as one plays within their limits, they should do okay.

Knowledge of the Game Skill does matter in every game. But what matters the most is that the player has an in-depth understanding of why the game works the way it does. Many players know to play the game but it won’t do much good unless one knows the ins and outs. Knowing only half the game or half the basics is worse than a happy go lucky player because a happy go lucky players don’t care whether they win or lose. They only want the fun. If a player wants to make it big, they have to know the game like the back of their hand before they sit at the table.

Money Management Players should be able to distinguish between playing money and other money. The other money mentioned deals with other expenses that the player has to worry about when not gambling. These may include food and lodging costs. Players must realize that betting big may mean big wins or big losses. The players must decide on how to spend the money prudently. If on a winning streak, bet big. If on a losing streak, bet small and leave the game.

Discipline refers to the ability of the player to see all three aspects followed to the letter. Discipline isn’t strong when one gambles halfcocked or with nothing to gamble with. Discipline takes foresight and simply planning what to do within the day.

Nothing beats the day than a player who knows what they want and is prepared to get it, no matter what the cost.